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A.    Journal

1.    Singh Gurmeet, Ramanathan AL. and MBK Prasad (2005). Nutrient Cycling in Mangrove ecosystem: A brief overview. Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences 30 (3) 231 - 244. Corresponding author

2.    Singh Gurmeet and Bhattacharyya A.K. (2005). Land disposal of Urban Industrial Solid waste of Wazirpur, Delhi –Status of plant available sulfur. Pollution Research  24:309-314.

3.    Ranjan RK, Ramanathan AL and Singh Gurmeet ( 2007) Evaluation of geochemical impact of tsunami on Pichavaram mangrove ecosystem, southeast coast of India. Environmental Geology. 55(3): 687-697

4.    Ranjan RK, Ramanathan AL. and Singh Gurmeet (2007) Heavy Metal enrichments due to tsunami in Pichavaram Mangroves’ sediments, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. Corresponding author: DOI10.1007/s10661-007-0128-y

5.   Ramanathan AL., Singh Gurmeet, Majumdar Jayjit, Samal A.C, Chauhan Rita, Ranjan Rajesh Kumar, Rajkumar K., and Santra S.C. (2008) A study of microbial diversity and its interaction with nutrients in the sediments of Sundarban mangroves, Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, 37(2):159-165.

6.   Singh, Anshumali,  Ramanathan AL, Singh Gurmeet, Ranjan Rajesh Kumar and Tripathi Parijat (2008)  Chemodynamics of trace metal fractions in surface sediments of the Pandoh Lake, Lesser Himalaya, India. Environmental Geology DOI 10.1007/s00254-008-1476-9


B.     Book Chapter

7.    Prasad MBK, Ramanathan Al., Singh Gurmeet and Patra Jyotiraj, 2006.  Sediment- water interaction: a review” on “Mathematical Modeling of Ground Water Flow and Mass transport through theory and hands on training, In Training Manual on Mathematical Models in Hydrogeochemistry: Assessment of Groundwater quality and management (Ramanathan et al eds.), Ganga Publishing House New Delhi.

8.   Chauhan Rita, Singh Gurmeet and Al. Ramanathan (2008) Human Security vs. Mangrove destruction: case studies from east coast of India in Coastal Ecosystems: Hazards, managements and Rehabilitation (Ed. Rattan K. Dutta) NAM S&T publications pp363

C.    International Conferences (Abroad)

9.    Teuchies Johnny, Singh Gurmeet, de Deckere Eric, Bervoets Lieven and Meire Patrick (2007) CRT implementation in metal contaminated areas; ecological consequences Watersysteem Congress, University of Antwerp, Belgium 6-7 December 2007. Poster presentation

10.  Singh G. Ramanathan Al. and Santra SC (2006). Origin and Mobility of Phosphorus Along Salinity Gradient in Sundarban Mangrove Ecosystem, India, Eos Trans. American Geophysical Union,  87(36), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract: B34A-06

D.    International Conferences (India)

11.  Singh Gurmeet, Ramanathan Al., and Santra S.C., Chauhan R., Ranjan R.K. and Chaudhary P 2007. Evaluation of biogeochemical behavior of phosphorus in Sundarban mangrove ecosystem, India with reference to anthropogenic stress Paper presented (oral) at Coastal Zone Environment And Sustainable Development Vulnerability, Adaptation And Beyond at Jawaharlal Nehru university 12-14 February 2007. oral presentation

12.  Ramanathan AL., Chauhan Rita, Singh Gurmeet, Ranjan Rajesh kumar and Prasad  MBK Nutrient Dynamics in Mangrove Ecosystem: Case Studies from East Coast of India . Paper presented (oral) at Coastal Zone Environment And Sustainable Development Vulnerability, Adaptation And Beyond at Jawaharlal Nehru university 12-14 February 2007. oral presentation

13.  Singh Gurmeet, Al. Ramanathan and S.C. Santra, Effect of vegetation pattern on Phosphorus fractionation in Lothian mangrove forest,  Sundarban, West Bengal, India,  Poster presented at Sustained Indian Ocean Biogeochemical and Ecological Research (SIBER) 2006.", Goa organized by National Institute of  Oceanography, India  and  Center for Environmental Science ,  University of Maryland, USA. poster presentation 

E.    National Conference

14.   Singh Gurmeet and Ramanathan AL.  2005 “Changing Paradigm in solid waste management with special reference to Delhi” Proceeding of   Environmental Issues: Itinerary of Time pp 19-32. oral presentation

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